Payment Conditions

Unless other written agreement, the monetary value of the goods purchased by the Customer shall be paid by the Customer to the Customer upon the issuance of the respective invoice or equivalent document. The lack of payment implies the immediate resolution of the contract and constitution in default of the Client. Other payment conditions must be requested by the Client to the Supplier, who will follow the internally established procedures for granting credit.

The price of the goods can be changed by the Supplier without prior notice. However, the value of the goods will always be paid and included in the price list on the date of your order or, if the sale was not preceded by an order, on the date the invoice was issued.

The prices established by the Supplier are subject to VAT calculated at the legal rate in force at the date of invoice issue.

The goods, even if in the possession of the Customer, remain the property of the Supplier until all obligations of the Customer are fully complied with.

All sales not settled till expired date are subject to default interest at the average interest rate applied by Portuguese banks to overdrafts in current accounts calculated at the date of payment due. The supplier reserves the right to apply default interest in case of default, if it is considered appropriate.