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Wi-Fyre Wireless Sounder & Visual Indicator, Red

The Wi-Fyre Wireless Sounder/LED Indicator has been designed to give an alarm tone together with a visual (flashing LED) indication when activated. It is for wall or ceiling mounting and has red housing with a translucent red horn plate. There are 8 user selectable tones to choose from, in addition to a volume control.

- Operating Frequency: 868 - 870 MHz, 14dBm
- Range: 150 m open area
- Power source: 4 x Lithium AA Cell (Saft LS14500); 2 x Lithium C Cell (Saft LS26500)
- Battery Life: Up to 3 years
- Dimensions (Diameter x Height x Depth): 122 x 128 x 100mm
- Weight (Including Batteries): 650g
- Housing Material: Polycarbonate
- Colour: Red
- Tamper: Yes (optional)
- Applicable Standards: EN54-25, BS 5839 Part 1:2002, ENTSI 300:220