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The installation set AC8003 is designed for installation of Fire Detectors 7000 and 8000 Series on rough surfaces. The set might be used with bases 8000, 8000D, 8000R, 8000RD, 7100, 7100A. When laying the conducting wires for internal installation where the Fire detectors have to be fixed sometimes there are rough surfaces. The installation of the bases might be hampered, it is possible to be deformed that is a precondition for poor contact resulting in false triggering or interruption of the communication. The intermediate base for rough surfaces eliminates all these problems. The elastic feet used to fix the base to the surface reduce the probability of deformations of its case. The installation of the bases to it on columns ensures their evenness as well as it provides extra space under the base of the Fire detector for the proper and convenient positioning of the connecting wires.

Height: 12 mm
Diameter: 98 mm
Weight: 15g
Material: ABS Colour white
Roughness depth: max. 6 mm