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Advisor Advanced Residential keypad with built-in reader

The ATS1115A offers a modern ergonomic design providing for clear and readable text on a 2 x 16 characters LCD for displaying system configuration and information. The viewing angle of the display is adjustable via the keypad as well as the volume level of the build in buzzer. Four arrow keys together with eight dedicated function keys provide for easy navigation through system configuration menu's or day-to-day operations. Four status LED's will continuously update the user on mains power status, faults, and alarms. The Arming Station can display the status of 16 areas using 16 LED's on the front, while the LCD shows details of alarms or a pre-programmed text. The ATS1115A can be mounted at a distance of 1.5 km from an Advisor Advanced control panel. The backlit screen and keys highlight the keypad for use during day or night. Even in places where lighting is poor the display has an excellent performance. The backlit functionality is programmable. In non-alarm situation the keypad may show a free programmable text. ATS1115A features a build-in smart card proximity reader, one open collector output for door control and one dedicated request to exit input.

- 2 x 16 characters LCD
- User adjustable buzzer
- User adjustable LCD contrast
- 16 Area indication
- Door release indication
- Built-in smart card proximity reader