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Model AU-VD-3008 Sequential Switcher is designed to meet the needs of the small closed-circuit video system user. Its switching design incorporates the performance and reliability inherent in transistor-transistor logic (TTL) integrated circuits. The AU-VD-3004 allows a single monitor to display the output to up to four cameras in automatic sequence. It features four terminated video inputs and one monitor output.
The scene from each camera is display on the monitor for an operator-selected interval of one to 45 seconds and may be stopped and a selected scene viewed at the operator!—s discretion. The dwell control is a front paned rotary knob. Red LED lamps indicated the camera position being viewed. Unused camera positions may be by passed without changing the order of sequence or dwell time. Power is indicated by a red LED.
The AU-VD-3004 is housed in a sturdy, steel cover finished with beige, powder coated.

- Input Voltage: 220V 50Hz
- Power consumption: 2W
- Fuse: 0.5A
- Video Connectors: BNC