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Triple technology curtain detector for indoor and outdoor environment.
The thin body allows it to be used between window shutter or rolling shutter, or in outdoor (above a door or a window) with the aid of the bracket 1778SBI. The detector is composed by two dual PIR infrared sensors and one 24 GHz microwave; the anti-masking (sensitivity selectable via DIP-switch) was designed using active IR sensors that, through the Fresnel lenses, have the ability to detect obstacles voluntarily affixed on the lens to prevent detection (spray, tape, paper, etc. ). The three sensors, which are managed by a microcontroller, can be combined in different operations mode (triple AND, AND of the MW with each PIR, MW excluded and Double AND of the PIRs, triple OR). To avoid opening and tearing has been developed an innovative detection system with three-axis accelerometer. Particular attention has been paid to the mechanics; a sealing gasket makes waterproof the compartment in which is housed the printed circuit board and a removable terminal makes easier wiring operations.

- Detection: 2 PIRs + 24 GHz microwave
- Power supply: 9 ÷ 15 Vdc
- Power consumption: 20 mA (9 mA ECO mode, MW after PIR detection)
- LEDs: 4 (Green - PIR 1, Green - PIR 2, Yellow - MW, Red - Alarm)
- Sensitivity: adjustable and independent for each technology
- AND/OR function: selectable trough DIP-switches - triple AND / triple OR / (PIR1 OR PIR2) AND MW / PIR1 AND PIR2 (MW excluded)
- Detection Coverage: 5 m at an height of 4 m
- Anti-masking Function: active IR
- Anti-masking Output: NC contact
- CWS function: discrimination of the crossing direction (selectable)
- Housing: Polycarbonate and Fresnel lens UV resistant
- Tearing and tampering: three axes accelerometer
- Degree of Protection: IP55
- Temperature compensation: automatic
- Security Grade: Grade 3 (EN 50131)
- Environmental Classification: Class III (EN 50131-1)
- RF immunity: compliant to EN50130-4
- Operating Temperature: -25 °C ÷ +50 °C
- Dimensions: 256 x 34 x 41 mm
- Weight: 0.15 kg