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The BB-02 is a back-up battery equipped with its own electronics for taking control of the power supply. It is intended for use with the CA- 1803 and CA-1802 car alarms.
During normal operation the BB-02 is supplied (or charged) by the car alarm power supply. If the voltage drops under 8.5V, the BB- 02 starts to generate a voltage. Except for the acoustic siren, the BB-02 backs up all the functions of the car alarm. This also includes voice communication if an HF-03 handsfree set is attached. The back-up voltage is generated either for the duration of the car voltage supply outage or until the BB-02 is completely discharged. Specification: Power supply 12 -24V Back-up battery capacity 400 mAh (at 9.3V) Back-up current max.20mA (when fully discharged) Outage detection threshold 8.5V Generated back-up voltage 9.3V Threshold for turning off power supply when discharged under 3.9V Maximum constant current of generated voltage 400mA Consumption of BB-02 by itself (without being battery charged) <4mA Back-up duration at least 5 hours Lifetime 2 - 4 years