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Barrier- Curtain Sensor

- Aluminum housing; PC cover as UV lights filter; ABS side caps
- Slim/stylish aluminum housing, anti high/low temp./fog/rains.
- Sensing range: 8 meters (outdoors)
- Tx power adjustment: Normal/Strong
- Response time adjustable (50/100/150/200 msec adjustable)
- Built in flexible flat cable as the bridge between beams and beams instead of hard PCB.
- Built in optical lens. (Longer sensing range)
- Smart infrared receiver module, free from any disturbance by external remote controllers.
- Anti-tamper circuit triggers alarm if power is cut or end cap is removed.
- Alarm: Break one or two adjacent beams.
- L-brackets and mounting hardware included.
- IP-65 water/dust proof.

- Nr of Beams: 8
- Dimensions(mm): 35×30×2010
- Range: 8 meters (25 feet) max.-outdoor / 16 meters (50 feet) max.-indoor
- Operating Voltage: 10 ~ 30 VDC
- Detection method: Break one beam or two adjacent beams
- Signal output: Normal open / Normal close / Common relay output
- Response Time (Rx): 50/100/150/200 ms (selectable - by SW1 slide switch-Rx)
- Contact rating: 1A/120VAC ; 1A/24VDC
- Power Led indicator: Green Led (On both Tx/Rx unit) On: powered Off: no power
- Led indicator for Beam alignment: Red Led (On Rx unit). On: when beam is broken; Off: when beam is aligned properly
- Buzzer Alarm (for beam alignment): (a)On: when sensor is connected with DC power & before beam
- Black jumper1(JP1)(ON Rx)unit: alignment is done. (b)Off : when beam aligned properly ; automatically.
***This function can be cancelled by JP1 removed***
- Tamper Switch: 4 pcs/each seT; 2 on both sides of Tx/2 on both side of Rx
- Operating temperature: - 45ºC~55º C(-49ºC~131ºC)
- Dimensions: W: 35 mm / H: 30 mm
- Humidity: 70%