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8 Zone Repeater Panel for conection to CFP70-x control panels

* Can be used to repeat the functions of a master CFP standard or AlarmSense 2-8 zone fire panel at remote parts of site (e.g. all potential fire service entrances).
* Up to 8 repeaters per CFP master.
* Includes its own Mains power supply that requires its own standby battery supply.
* Provides the user with access to all AL1 and AL2 functions.
* Master/Repeater communication achieved using CFP761 network driver cards (one CFP761 is supplied with the * Repeater, an additional CF761 card is required at the master CFP).
* Communicates over screened two-wire fire resistant cable.
* Total repeater network cable length should not exceed 1KM.
* Attractive flush or surface mountable plastic lid and enclosure - no bezel required.