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The CT-01 is wired detector for detecting the unauthorised movement of external window shutters on houses or buildings. In practice the CT-01 wired outputs are connected to the wired input of a JA-81M and JA-181M door detector to connect the CT-01 signals to the Oasis alarm system. False alarms caused by the wind moving the shutters are avoided by the door detector only raising the alarm when at least 3 pulses are received from the CT-01 in 5 seconds.

Technical parameters
- Output contact of detector: 100 mA / 60V
- Range of movement: 5 to 260 cm
- Dimensions: 94 x 102 x 17 mm
- Environment according to: EN 50131-1 III. outside protected
- Operating temperature range: -25 to +50 ° C