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WHITE intrinsically safe conventional rate of rise heat detector with a 60°C fixed temperature element designed for use in hazardous areas. The unit also features a remote indicator output.
Heat detectors are normally used in applications where smoke detectors are unsuitable or if there is a danger of nuisance alarms from smoke detectors. Heat detectors are classified according to the highest ambient temperature in which they can safely be used without risk of false alarm. The classes are identified by the letters A to G. In addition to the basic classification, detectors may be identified by a suffix to show that they are rate-of-rise (suffix R) or fixed temperature (suffix S) types.

A1 - Detector Class (Max. Application Temperature = 50°C, Static Response Temperature 54-65°C)
R - Temperature Response (with Rate of Rise)

- Twin fire LEDs allow 360° viewing
- Remote indicator output
- ATEX classification to II 1G EEx ia IIC T5 Tamb=55°C
- Suitable for installation in areas at Category 1 (including all lower categories)
- Approved by LPCB and GL