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Smart RF box

The smart RF box allows you to connect to a LAN network and then subsequently control the installation of iNELS RF from a smartphone, tablet, watch, Samsung TV, voice assistant (Google Home and Alexa), another device or third-party SW.

- Communication protocol: RFIO, 866–922MHz
- Signal: two-way addressed message
- Antenna connector: SMA
- Devices: up to 40 devices
- Antenna RF: 1dB
- Range: up to 100m (open space)
- Network interface: 1x RJ45 100Mbps
- Supply Voltage:
- Connector Ø 2.1mm (10 ~ 27VDC / 200mA SELV)
- PoE 24VDC
- Connector USB-B
- Operating temperature: -20º a 50ºC
- Protection: IP20
- Contamination degree: 2
- Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 65mm
- Weight: 136gr