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RF Xesar escutcheon with one-sided access, U handle

The electronic Xesar escutcheon is the optimal solution for any door- It combines the benefits of a mechanical escutcheon and an electronic locking system- The special feature of Xesar Escutcheons is their slim design and clear lines as well as the integrated reader unit- In addition, the Xesar escutcheon has a broad range of use- For instance for solid or metal frame doors, for interior and exterior application as well as for escape doors- In addition, the range offers an extensive selection of accessories which make the escutcheon look great in any situation- Thanks to the innovative and simple assembly concept, it is also particularly suitable for fire doors.

Additional benefits:
- Identical escutcheon design on the inside and outside
- Also available without electronic components
- The outside handle has been disengaged to turn freely and provides a high level of tampering protection
- The inside handle is always engaged
- Schedule-based or manual office mode
- With blacklist function
- The protocol saves the last 1,000 events
- Easy to update using Xesar tablet
- Particularly long battery life
- Matches all conventional locks
- Suitable for multi-point locks with a handle range of up to 40°
- 3-point screw connection for higher security requirements
- 90 minute fire protection
- AES encryption

The Xesar escutcheon is available in satin stainless steel (as standard), polished stainless steel or polished brass.
The classic handle element includes three shapes to match any specifications: U, L and W- The special R-shaped handle is available for metal frame doors.

Technical information:
- Handle shapes: U
- Spindle: 80~8 mm; 85~8.5 mm; 90~9 mm
- Finish: EM - satin stainless steel; EP - polished stainless steel; MP - polished brass
- Door panel thickness: T1 - 40~65 mm; T2 - 60~90 mm- For R handle: T1 - 40~55 mm; T2 - 55~75 mm
- Aperture: (outside/inside): BB - blind/blind; BG - blind/with aperture; GB - with aperture/blind; GG - with aperture/with aperture
- Profile + distance in mm: E47/ E48/ E49/ E55/ E62/ E70/ E72/ E78/ E85/ E88/ E90/ E92/ E98 for 98.5 / E10 for 100 / E11 for 110- No aperture: E00
- Security features: Outside handle disengaged to turn freely / 3-point screw connection/ Emergency power supply via programming interface / Can be combined with mechanical emergency lock cylinder/ AES encryption / Electronic components protected against drilling
Standards and guidelines: CE tested/ DIN 182731/ EN 1634: 30 minutes/ EN 1634: 90 minutes / EN 19061/ EN 1791/ IP52 protection (IP55 if enclosed seals are used) / DIN 18257: ES01 (with stability plate)
- Technical installation situation: Internal and external doors- Can be combined with conventional solid door locks with a handle path of up to 40°/ Can be combined with self-locking escape door locks as per EN 179/EN 1125/ Suitable for fire protection doors
- Plate dimensions: 40 × 280 mm
- Compatible identification technologies: Mifare DESFire EV1
- Battery: 3 AAA alkaline batteries/ Up to 50,000 cycles
- Signals: Visual and acoustic feedback
- Conditions of use: External ambient temperatures -20 °C to +60 °C, internal ambient temperatures 0 °C to +60 °C (depending on the battery).
- Humidity: < 90 %, non-condensing / for 200,000 cycles as per EN 19061
- Event protocol: Last 1,000 events
- Interfaces: Connection to Xesar tablet
- Included component: Escutcheon/ Set of screws/ 3 AAA alkaline batteries/ Assembly manual / Important information/ Drilling template