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Xesar wall reader control unit

The Xesar wall reader control unit is suitable for controlling electronic locking elements in doors of all kinds. For example in sliding doors or swing doors, as electronic door openers, for lifts and in electronic gate systems.
The control unit can be operated with two Xesar wall readers.

- Security features: Encrypted data transfer between wall reader and control unit
- Standards and guidelines: CE-certified | IP54 protection
- Technical installation situation: Screw connections: Intermediate ceilings, control cabinets | Up to 100 m distance between wall reader and control unit (recommended cable type: CAT5)
- Dimensions: 160 x 160 x 50 mm
- Power supply: 12-24 VDC mains adapter, 0.3 A max. (see accessories) | Data buffering for up to 72 h in the event of a power cut
- Control situations: 1 Xesar wall reader - 1 door | 2 Xesar wall readers - 2 doors | 2 Xesar wall readers - 1 door, with relay jumper
- Switching output: At max. two relays per Xesar wall reader | max. 250 VAC | max. 16 A (ohmic) briefly, max. 10 A (ohmic) permanently
- Conditions of use: +10 °C to +50 °C | < 90 % humidity, non-condensing | IP rating IP54
- Event protocol: Last 1,000 events
- Interfaces: To connect to Xesar tablet
- Included components: Control unit, completely preassembled | Assembly manual | Important information