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2 Loops Fire Detection Control Panel, Cerberus PRO

The FC723-ZA is a modular, prefabricated, microprocessor-controlled fire control panel with an integrated user-friendly operating unit for up to max. 756 addresses that can process signals from various detector systems like FD720 devices of the Cerberus PRO series and SynoLOOP devices. The fire control panel can be used as stand-alone version or can be networked. Up to 64 stations (fire control panels and fire terminals) can be connected in one network.
- Integrated degraded mode function
- Redundant network node, degraded mode operation according to EN 54
- Fast Ethernet interface for a heterogeneous network
- Option of printer, key switches, LED displays
- Slots for RS232, RS485 serial ports
- Card cage for 2 extra cards
- Line card C-NET (For migration)
- SynoLOOP line card
- Emergency power supply for emergency operating time of up to 72 hours
- Detection and automatic reading in (auto configuration) of all Cerberus PRO devices, ready for operation immediately
- Floor repeater devices, alarm devices and mimic displays in detector loop (C-NET)
- Flexible programming of complex applications and controls