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The fire detector provides reliable early warning of Fire condition upon ambient temperature reaching a fixed temperature threshold. The temperature class (A1S, A2S or BS) is in compliance with the European Standard EN54-5 and is programmable by Fire Control Panel IFS7002. The fire detector is suitable for premises with normal and high ambient temperature, with possible sudden changes.

Technical data:
- Operation: Microprocessor controlled, fixed temperature threshold dependable
- Supply voltage: 15-30 VDC
- Current in Duty mode: 310uA
- Current in alarm condition: 2 ± 1 mA
- Current in fire condition: 2 ± 1 mA
- Time to enter in duty mode: up to 40s
- Reset time: 5s
- Temperature Class: programmable P; A1S/A2S according to EN54-14
- Protected area: circle with 8m diameter (according to EN54-14)
- Degree of protection: IP43
- Operational temperature range: -10ºC~55ºC
- Relative humidity: 93±3 % at 40ºC
- Mounting: Using base type 7100
- Cable: 2-wire single or multi-core isolated and shielded
- Cross section: 0.8~2.5 mm2
- Dimensions (base included): diam 100 x 47mm