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Conventional heat+ Rate of rise detector provides reliable early warning of a Fire condition upon reaching a rate of rise of the temperature or fixed temperature threshold in the protected premises. It is available in two versions (A2R or BR) depending on the temperature threshold in accordance with the European Standard EN54-5.
The fire detector is suitable for premises with normal or high ambient temperature, with possible sudden changes.

Technical data

Supply voltage: 15-30 VDC
Current in standby mode: 40uA
Current in alarm condition
- With base type 8000 or 8000D : 8mA /10VDC or 25mA /30VDC
- With base type 8000R or 8000DR : 18mA /10VDC or 55mA /30VDC
Temperature Class:
Protected area: circle with 10m diameter (according to EN54)
Degree of protection: IP43
Operational temperature range: -10ºC~55ºC
Relative humidity: 93±3 % at 40ºC
Dimensions (base included): diam 100 x 47mm
Weight (base 8000 included): 100g
Cable: 2-wire single or multi-core isolated and shielded
Cross section: 0.8~1.5 mm2