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Repeater FS5200R is a unit supplementing the range of 5000 series products expanding the possibilities of the fire detecting and fire extinguishing systems built on the basis of fire control panels FS5100, FS5200, FS5200E and FS4000. Some of its main features and possibilities are:
- Indicates Fire condition and/or Fault condition occurred in each of the fire control panels connected to it;
- Control effect on the connected fire control panels that have sent a signal for Fire condition;
- User oriented menu dialogue for easy and convenient operation;
- Four-line LCD for visualization the different modes of the repeater;
- LEDs and sound indication of the operation modes;
- User oriented test modes allowing for a total control of the site protected;
- Energy independent archive memory saving the event type, date and time.

Functional characteristics:
- Connection of maximum 15 remote fire control panels (repeaters) to one repeater;
- Built-in sounder for fire condition - one tonal, discontinuous, can be switched off;
- Built-in sounder for fault condition - one tonal, discontinuous, can be switched off;
- Built-in real time clock;
- Interfaces for communication with the fire control panels RS485 connected to it;
- Option to prolong the time period for Fire condition stage I with programmable inspection period;
- Possibility for delay when switching the outputs for Fire alarm;
- Energy independent archive - up to 100 events;
- Operation with a wide range of output devices.

Technical data:
Maximum number of remote fire control panels: 15
- Monitored: 2
Type :potential
Electrical characteristics: 24±5 VDC / 1A
- For Fire condition: 1 pc
Type: potential free, switching
Electrical characteristics: 3A/125VAC ; 3A/30VDC
- For Fire condition: 1
Type: potential free, switching
Electrical characteristics: 3A/125VAC; 3A/30VDC
Indications of registered events:
- Light indication: LED
- Text messages: LCD display, 4 lines 20 characters per line, cyrillic letters
- Sound signaling: built-in sounder
Maximum current to external devices: 1.2A at 24±3VDC
Power supply:
- Mains: 220/230V AC, 50Hz
- Backup batteries
Batteries type: lead, gel electrolyte
Number of batteries: 2 pcs
Connection: consecutive
Nominal capacity ?20: 1,2~4,5 Ah
Operating temperature: - 5ºC to 40ºC
Relative humidity: 92±3 % at 40º C
Dimensions: 313 x 218 x 85 mm
Weight: 1.6 kg