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UTP Video Surge Protector RJ45 Connector

- RJ45 Jack to RJ45 Jack, Hi Frequency for both CCTV and CATV use
- Two Pairs protection ( Pair 2 & Pair 4)
- Surge Protection Attack Time: 1 ns
- Maximum Surge Current:4 KV
- Surge Life:300 surges of 100Amps
- Normal Resistance Across Coax: 10,000 MO
- Surge ResistanceApprox: 0O
- Power Passing Capability 130V AC/DC, 65 Vrms at 10Amps
- Insertion Loss:Less than 0.2 dB
- Return Loss (75 ohms):16dB
- Return Loss (75 ohms): 16dB
- WEIGHT: 80g

- Performs a different function than grounding requirements.
- Protects equipment from high voltage surges from nearby lightning strikes.
- Two stage protection: under 1ns-90V, over 10ns-12V.
- Wide range of applications: CCTV/CATV system, Antenna of Television, FM receivers, video camera, monitors, multiplexers & Quad processor, VCR...etc.
- Protects UTP Twisted Pair transmission products.