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HDMI Surge Protector
Application for protects equipment from high voltage surges such as lightning strikes. UL grounding requirements for HDMI cable offer protection from hazardous voltages that may occur on the shielding. Because of the physical length of ground wires, UL grounding systems may appear as an open circuit to lightning caused, high frequency surges and provide no protection from these surges getting into a home and destroying your HDMI BD, HDMI monitor…etc HDMI equipments.
- Provide protection for HDMI equipments.
- Support HDMI 1.4
- Compliant IEC61000-4-2,IEC61000-4-4,IEC61000-4-5
- Built in ESD, EFT (impulse noise), Lightning protection.

- Input/output Interface: HDMI x 2
- ESD Protection: 15 KV(ESD), 8 KV (Contact)
- EFT Protection: 40A ( 5/50ns )
- Lightning Protection: 5A ( 8/20 us )
- Reaction Speed: < 1 nS
- Temperature Operation: 0 to 55ºC
- Temperature Storage: -20 to 85ºC
- Humidity: up to 95%
- Dimension: 58.3x25.4x25.4mm
- Weight: 35g