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Video Transceiver With extra interference rejection, perfect to work with DVR.

Transmit a full motion monochrome video signal up to 600 meters, color video signal up to 400 meters.
Used as a transmitter, the TTP111VLH Weather Proof IP65, has a 25cm Mini coax cable to be suitable install with outdoor camera.
Used as Receiver, the TTP111VLH compact size is perfect to connect with the image processor, which have multi BNC connections, as like Multiplexer, Quad, DVR …etc.
Distance Up to 1Km when used with an active receiver such as TTA111AVR.
Passive, No power required.
Eliminate Coaxial Cable.
Up to multi TTP111VLH can work with 1U rack mounting multi channel receiver panel such as TPP016, TPA016.

- VIDEO INPUT (BNC Connector): 1
- VIDEO INPUT: 1V p-p, 75 Ohms
- RJ-45 OUTPUT: terminal
- CABLE FOR RJ-45: Twisted Pair CAT5 (AWG24)
- DIMENSIONS W x H x D mm: 23x23x330mm With 25cm mini coax cable