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The GV-Video Gateway is a video streaming server designed for large-scale video surveillance deployments. It can receive up to 128 IP cameras from various IP video devices. In addition, it can simultaneously distribute up to 300 channels to its clients which include GV-System (DVR/NVR system), GV-GIS (geographic information system), GV-Control Center (central monitoring system), and Multi View (viewing software). Using the GV-Video Gateway, the desired frame rates can be reached while the CPU loading and the bandwidth usage of IP video devices are significantly reduced.

- Video gateway between IP cameras and receiving clients (GV-System, GV-GIS, GV-Control Center, GV-IP Matrix and Multi View)
- Simultaneously receiving up to 128 IP channels
- Video distribution for clients up to 300 IP channels
- Passive and Active connection methods with IP video devices (Passive connection only supported by GV-IP devices)
- Compatibility with a variety of third-party IP video devices (Sony, Axis, VIVOTEK, Panasonic, HikVision, Arecont Vision)
- Single-channel or multi-channel live view through IE browser
- Bandwidth monitoring
- Two-way audio communication (only for GV-IP devices through active connection)
- Solution for Mobile DVR (GV-Video Server, GV-Compact DVR) to obtain a public IP address
- Web interface to remotely configure and monitor GV-Video Gateway using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari