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1 in 5 Out VGA & Stereo Audio CAT5 Extender Distribution Amplifier - Chainable Function. Extends VGA and stereo audio over one UTP CAT5 cable. Each set including one piece GVE5ALT transmitter and one piece GVE2ALR receiver.Support analog stereo audio. Digital transmission on analog stereo audio for sound undistorted. Dual output: 1 VGA loop output for local, plus 4 x CAT5 RJ45 output for remote side. Built in equalization, gain adjustment, chainable CAT5 output at remote unit. Remote unit could be daisy chained to another GVE2ALR receiver to extended working range over 300 meters and multiple displays. Local unit GVE5ALT local output: supports DDC, DDC2, DDC 2B,and provides virtual DDC, DDC backup function, to avoid wrong setting at high resolution/frequency and cause remote monitor unable display. The rest of GVE2ALR must be ordered separatelly.