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Interactive Fire Control Panel IFS7002

Basic features
- Fire Control Panel and all devices in the loops are fully programmable
- Two-way exchange of data between Fire Control Panel and connected in the lops devices
- Detection of Fault conditions: short circuit or interruption in a loop, removed fire detector or swapped fire detectors, connection of the loop to the grounds
- Two signal loops (branch lines are optional) for connecting of the fire detectors, input and/or output modules, adapters, automatic extinguisher modules
- One power loop for supplying of executive devices
- Automatic addressing of devices avoiding duplication of addresses
- Automatic detection of devices of the outputs
- Network operation of 128 Fire Control Panels and/or repeater panels
- Option for connection to dispatcher control point
- LED indication of the main events and conditions of the Fire Control Panel
- Built-in sounder
- LCD graphic display for visualization of text messages
- Touch screen panel
- Dialogue menus in language required by the customer
- Option for integration of a standard PC keyboard
- Built-in real time clock

Fire alarm loops
- Signal: 2
- Power: 1
Addressable devices in one signal loop: Up to 125
Cross section of the signal loop wire: (0.8-2.5) mm2
Maximum resistance of the signal loop: 100 ohm
Number of devices in one branch: Up to 32
Fire alarm zones: Up to 250
Addressable devices in one zone: Up to 60
Response time to activated detector signal: Up to 10 seconds
Registered events by the counter of fire events: Up to 9999
Archive of events: up to 1023
Power supply:
- mains: 220/230VAC, 50/60Hz
- backup batteries: 2x12 VDC, 7Ah
Current consumption of power supply loop: Up to 1A
- relay 30VDC/1A: 3
- controllable 28V DC/1A: 2
- auxiliary supply 24VDC/1A: 1
- RS 232 or RS 485: 1
- CAN: 2
Dimensions: 480 x 445 x 100 mm
Weight (batteries not included): 7.1 kg
Operating temperature : -5ºC ~40ºC
Relative humidity: < 93±3 % at 40oC
Degree of protection: IP 40