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Remote control panel IFS7002R was designed as product in addition of series 7000, which expand functions range of system.

Technical characteristics:

Power supply from panel IFS7002:
- Voltage: 23±7 V
- Maximal current : 180 mA
External power supply (in accordance with EN54-4):
- Voltage: 12 - 30 V
- Maximal current : 300 mA
Interfaces for communication:
- with panels IFS7002: CAN 2.0B
- with PC directly: RS-232 or LAN through converter RS232 - LAN Ethernet
- Number of the control panels or/and repeaters connected to IFS7002R – up to 31.
PC keyboard for setup and programming: Directly
- Light: LEDs
- Text: LCD touch screen display, 320x240 points
- Sound: Built-in sounder
Dimensions: 290x219x46mm
Weight: 1 kg