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The JA-60B wireless glass-break detector provides easy and reliable protection against robbery. It ensures extremely high reliability and false alarm immunity. One sensor covers an entire room. A dual technology detection method (air pressure and sound analysis) is combined with digital processing to guarantee high sensitivity to the breaking of glass. A special test mode enables simple adjustments to the detector. Regular self testing is performed and the final result is transmitted to a control panel. Digital hopping code radio communication guarantees highly secure data transmission. The detector is also protected against tampering.

- Detection method: acoustic signal analysis
- Power voltage: 3 V (2x alkaline AAA batteries)
- Battery life time: typically 1 year
- Detection range: max. 9 m
- Communication distance: up to 100 m (open air)
- Complies with: grade 2 according to EN 50131-1
- Environmental: class II, -10 to +40°C
- Dimensions: 117 x 54 x 20 mm