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The JS-25 COMBO is a two-in-one detector. Combines 2 sensors (P.I.R.& glass break) in one housing with excellent RF immunity. It provides three independent outputs (P.I.R. alarm, glass break alarm and tamper). The signal from the P.I.R. sensor is electronically analyzed. This ensures that the detector provides excellent sensitivity and at the same time false alarms are basically eliminated. The detection analysis rate can be adjusted to increase its immunity if the JS-25 is installed in a problematic location. The standard lens in the detector can be replaced with an optional corridor or pet immune lens. The dual technology glass break detector analyses air pressure changes and sounds to detect the breaking of a glass window. The signal processing guarantees a high sensitivity to the breaking of all types of glass. The sensitivity can be adjusted to match various window sizes and mounting distances. A memory feature enables the user to determine, visually, which detector triggered the alarm. For testing, the JS-25 is equipped with two LED indicators (red confirms a P.I.R. alarm, green confirms a glass breaking alarm). The COMBO distinguishes itself as a unique 2 in 1 solution with excellent RF immunity.

- Power supply:12 V DC ± 25
- Power consumption (LED off): max. 10 mA
- Maximum consumption (LED on): max. 35 mA
- Terminals size: max. 1 mm2
- Tamper output: max. 60 V / 50 mA, internal resistance max.16 Ohm
- Environment: II. - general indoor, (EN 50131-1)
- Operating temperatures: -10 to +55 °C
- Security level: grade 2, EN 50131-1
- Mounting height: 2.5 m above floor
- Initialization: typ. 1 minute

Motion detector specification:
- Detection range: 120° / 12 m (standard lens)
- PIR alarm output: normally closed, max. 60V / 50 mA, internal resistance max.30 Ohm

Glass break detector parameters:
- Detection range: max. 9 m
- Minimum glass dimensions: 0.6 x 0.6 m
- Alarm output: normally closed, max. 60V / 50 mA, internal resistance max.16 Ohm
- The product is CE marked.