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Remote relay module

Relay module connected to system LYC40 via BUS. 12V power supply-. Four relays for devices drive (voltage free changeover contacts). Front panel LEDs for module operating status and relays contact status indication.

Technical data
- Supply voltage: 11VDC…14VDC
- Consumption: 2.5 VA max
- Outputs: 4 relays with voltage free changeover contact 250V 5A
Pa = pre-alarm
1T = first alarm threshold
2T = second alarm threshold
FA = relay module fault
- Logic of operation: Selectable from central unit: Positive (default) or negative
- Protection IP42 (vertical mounting)
- Max. allowable room temperature 0…50°C
- Max. allowable relative humidity 20... 90% R. U. non condensing
- CE compliance In accordance with EU Directions
- Electro-magnetic compatibility 89/336/CEE
- Low voltage direction 73/23/CEE
- Dimensions 135mm x 95mm x 43mm
- Housing ABS self extinguishing