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Hybrid microwave + 4TX+4RX IR barrier H 2m, 250m range, 230Vac

It is a combination of the previously described IR and MW described below, typically housed in a pair of beam towers, one with a microwave TX and 4 IR Beam TXs and in the other the microwave RX and 4 active infrared RXs.
The MANA DT SMA, can also be connected to the RS485 serial bus and be controlled centrally by the ADEBUS. ADEBUS system. The TX Tower, whilst only having a single tamper alarm output is connected to the bus in order to consistently provide any technical faults and reports, such as power, temperature, etc. In the RX tower are all the alarm outputs relative to the active infrared, as well as technical fault reports, the alarm output of the microwave is connected to one of the three inputs on the terminal PCB. The microwave alarm is signalled, via the RS485
BUS, to the ADEBUS where it is assigned an alarm relay for connection to the alarm panel.

- Max range indoor: 650 m
- Max rang outdoor: 250 m
- Operating frequencies: 24 GHz band K section
- Alignement technology: SMA
- Synchronism: Optical or wired
- Dual lenses beams: YES
- Photodevices: Pulsed 950nM
- Configurations in a barrier: 1 couple MW + 4 couple IR
- Beams Alignment: Crossed or parallel
- Minimal distance from TX and RX: No limit with parallel configuration, with crossed configuration 4 ÷ 8m depending of n. of beams and height
- Settable operation mode: OR - AND RANDOM - AND 1° E 2°BEAM
- Settable beams exclusion: 1° or 1° and 2° beam
- Anti crawling function: on first lower beam YES
- Column supply: 230 Vac
- Circuit consumption: 335÷350 mA depending on n. of beams
- Heater consumption: 180÷220 W depending on n of beams
- Operating temp: -25°÷ +70°C
- Alarm output Free contact relay: NC/NO - MW & IR
- Tamper swithches: Opening coloumn cap and front polycarbonate
- Fog disqualification: output Yes with dedicated OC
- Output for beam masking: Yes with dedicated OC
- RS 485 connection: YES
- Protection degree: IP54
- Dimensions LxPxH: 250 mm x 200 mm de 2000 mm