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Multi-door physical access and building automation controller for RACS 5 system. 11 doors license.

The MC16 is a multi-door physical access and building automation controller dedicated to RACS 5 system. MC16 can be integrated with intruder alarm system by means of IO lines. The integration concept allows to display alarm zone status on reader LEDs, and to change zone status straight on the access terminals. The MC16 can be used as data collector device for time and attendance reporting systems. It can register different types of T&A events which are intended to mark various types of user attendance or absence in the supervised area. Each operation on the controller can require user authorization. The authorization process might consists of permission for access point on which user is being logged and permission for action being requested. User authorization can require one or more authentication factor to be used. Every access user might have one or more access credential (card, PIN, fingerprint etc.). Generally, controller was designed to operate with MCT (RS485) series readers, nevertheless it can work with Wiegand and RACS CLK/DTA readers as well. The RS485 communication bus allows free cable topology (e.g. three, star and combination of them) and accepts any type of signal cables. The maximal distance between controller and any MCT reader or extension is limited to 1200m of cable run. Wiegand and RACS CLK/DTA readers can be connected directly to MC16 board or by means of dedicated RS485 extension boards (e.g. MCX402DR). Controller is equipped with Ethernet interface which is used for system configuration and management. System is managed by VISO client-server Windows application operating with Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server Compact database. Communication between PC and controller is fully encrypted using AES-128-CBC method and can be conducted either in LAN or WAN computer networks. Usually, system configuration takes less than one minute and doesn’t depend on number of controllers which is theoretically unlimited.