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The Xtratone sounders are small, high output addressable devices which are designed to meet EN54 part 3 and are CE marked.
The device is a compact unit that fits a standard European back box and can be either surface or semi-flush mounted.
The Xtratone sounder has been designed so that field cables can be terminated in the back box as a first fix.

- Complies to EN54 part 3
- 16 tones can be selected from control panel
- Hard addressed via 8 way dip-switch OR
- Softly addressed via MKII Handheld Programmer

- Operating voltage: 17 – 28V DC
- Quiescent Current: 650µA
- Alarm Current: 4.5mA
- Sound Output: Aprox 90 dB (Depending On Tone)
- Colour: Red
- Minimum Continuous Operating Temperature: 0°C
- Operating Temperature -10°C To +55°C
- Max Humidity: 95% Rh Non Condensing
- Ip Rating: IP21C
- Size mm (with back box): 100 x 100 x 47mm (100 X 100 X 80mm)
- Weight: 200g