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Dual technology PIR+MW outdoor detector, adjustable range curtain

Dual technology detector suitable for protecting small openings such as windows and doors thanks to its very compact size, installed in the upper corner either horizontally or vertically.
Technical features, both electronic and mechanical, such as: adjustable range, anti masking, thermal self-compensation, Critical weather self-compensation (hail, rain, etc.), IP65 protection and a useful mounting kit, result in high false alarm immunity and is suitable for the protection of outdoor facades.
Other dip-switche settable functions are: 100Hz filter, Pulse count OR mode etc.

- Max range indoor: adjustable 1÷ 12m
- Max range outdoor: adjustable 1÷ 12m
- Operating frequencies: 24 Ghz (Mw detector)
- Dual lenses beams: PIR Fresnel
- Column supply: 13,8Vdc
- Circuit consumption: 40 mA
- Alarm output: relay NC - antimasking OC
- Tamper swithches: cover opening and wall removal
- Protection degree: IP65
- Dimensions LxPxH: 135 mm x 33 mm x 40 mm