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NUUO CMS (Central Management System). For 1 camera
The NUUO NVR-based Central Management System (NCS) is a powerful system designed for large-scale and high level enterprise projects. CMS can manage all NUUO product lines including NDVR Hybrid, NVR, DVR and NVRmini. NUUO NCS supports unlimited numbers of cameras, I/O devices, POS, LPR, access control, servers and users. The controls and operation of NUUO CMS is clear cut and map centric. It has the most powerful alarm management system among all NUUO product lines and can control unlimited matrices or viewing consoles in the centralized control room. NCS Matrix offers a video wall for users to get video and manage alarm efficiently and instantly.

Key Features
- Authentic client-server architecture
- Centralized management
- Supports all NUUO recording servers (NDVR, NVR, DVR and NVRmini)
- Supports unlimited cameras, I/O devices and POS
- Supports unlimited display matrices for remote live view with PTZ and joystick control
- Supports unlimited layers of E-map
- Supports H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, and MxPeg video compressions
- Supports IP cameras, megapixel cameras and video servers
- Backup alarm recording on clients
- Matrix view profile (Device groups)
- Advanced GUI alarm management
- Alarm status, data mining and reporting function
- Instant playback
- Remote backup on alarms
- Embedded remote desktop access to any NUUO servers (NDVR, NVR, DVR and NVRmini)