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OSID (Open-area Smoke Imaging Detector) combines dual wavelength (IR and UV) beams with CMOS imaging detection. This technology features high tolerance to vibration and structural movement and OSID differentiates better between smoke and
environmental conditions than traditional beam detectors.. OSID operates in both pitch dark as well as bright sunlight.
One Imager (receiver) can have up to 7 Emitters and provides easy 3D coverage for atria etc.
Fast and easy installation and commissioning is achieved through the flexible ball & socket arrangement and the use of the laser alignment tool. Trouble shooting is simple thanks to the on-board memory and the OSID Diagnostic SW package, both
unique for this industry.

- Distance 6-34 m with OSE-SP/W
- Distance 12-68 m with OSE-HPW
- The OSI-90 can operate with up to 7 Emitters.