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PR621-CH access controllers are designed for hotel applications. They can be used either in standalone or integrated access systems for up to 1000 users. PR621-CH units are equipped with RS485 interface which can be use for both programming and online which can be use for both programming and online communication in networked system. Access control system based on PR621-CH controllers can be managed locally through COM/USB serial port or remotely by computer network WAN/LAN.

- Built-in EM 125 kHz reader
- Connection of one external reader
- 12VDC supply
- Three programmable NO/NC inputs
- Two programmable 1A transistor outputs
- One programmable 1.5A/30V relay output
- RS485 communication bus
- Free topology of communication bus (star or tree topology allowed)
- 1000 users
- Up to 8 “guest” type users on each controller in the system
- 99 time schedules
- 250 user groups
- 250.000 event buffer
- Global APB (requires CPR network controllers in the system)
- Alarm Zones (requires CPR network controllers in the system)
- Operation with XM-2 I/O extension module
- Integration with burglary system through I/Os
- Door operating modes: Normal, Locked, Unlocked, Conditional
- User identification: Card or PIN, Card and PIN, Card only, PIN only
- Fast programming (15 seconds per each controller in system)
- Quick user editing (up to 3 seconds per each controller in system)
- Integration of multiple access networks in one system (up to 250)
- Multiple networks doesn’t increase system programming time
- Outdoor installation
- Tamper
- CE mark


Supply voltage: 10-15 VDC
Current consumption: 50mA (average)
Anti-sabotage protection: NC contact, 50mA/24V, IP67(Tamper)
Reading distance: Up to 15 cm
Environmental class: Class IV, outdoor-general
Temperature: -25°C- +60°C
Relative humidity: 10 to 95% (non condensing)
Dimensions: H x W x D 85 X 85 X 27 mm
Weight: 120g
Approvals: CE