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RCP Master-3 - RCP Master up to 500 employees, single-user version.The RCP Master allows for creation of worktime and attendance reports based upon the event log imported from CSV and XML text file formats. The employee worktime (attendance time) is calculated according to the specific rules defined by the program operator, taking into account defined earlier worktime calendars. The RCP Master has been developed using the Microsoft .NET environment and is designed for Windows XP and Vista operating systems. This program is dedicated to Human Resources Departments in small and medium-sized companies.

Demo version can be used for the purpose of evaluation and testing free of charge during first 60 days after installation.

- Importing events log from RACS v and above
- Importing events log from CSV and XML text file formats
- Exporting reports in the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf) and Crystal Reports (.rpt) file formats
- Reports: Employee Groups, Employees, Calendars, Access Points, T&A Event Log, Worktime, Leave Limits, Individual Calendars, etc.
- Definition of: pass types, calendar days, attendance and absence types, maximum and minimum time of presence (i.e. maximal daily cigarette break limit, minimal worktime,etc.), program operators and their privileges.
- Additional options related to late-comings, early exits, inclusion the time worked before and after usual worktime hours, etc.
- Possibility to correct and insert missing T&A events and to modify absences
- Definition of holiday limits and report of their usage
- Individual worktime calendars with the possibility to correct calendar for the specific employee - i.e working in different time, changeovers, etc.
- Support for rounding up the time of beginning and finishing the work
- Support for payable and unpayable breaks and overtime work (5 predefined types)
- Possibility to create any set of reports with the Report Wizard - summary reports for the whole group as well as reports for individual employees
- Exporting worktime/attendance reports in XML
- Possibility to automatically send individual reports by e-mail to the employee e-mail address
- Support for relational database in MS Access file format, work with local database or database shared through the network
- Possibility to define password for access to the database file, encrypt the database file, compacting and repairing the database file
- Possibility to manipulate the database from any external program (i.e. own implementation the procedure of adding new events from external system)
- Operator activity log
- Operating systems: Windows XP and Vista
- Free upgrade within the same program version

Technical requirements
- Hardware:
800 MHz processor or higher
256 RAM memory or more
1GB hard drive or more
1024 x 768 High Color (16bit) screen resolution or higher

- Operating systems:
32-bit from Windows 98 upwards
64-bit from Windows Vista upwards

- Software:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher
Note: MS Vista requires Service Pack 1.
Roger Licensing Server requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 (download form producer website)