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Switching actuator, 12-channel

• The actuator is designed for switching to twelve various appliances and loads with potentialless contact.
• SA3-012M is a switching actuator containing 12 independent relays with NO potentialless contacts, with the fact that switches the same potential.
• Maximal loadability of contacts is 8 A/2000 VA/AC1.
• Each of the twelve output contacts are individually controllable and addressable.
• Actuator SA3-012M is powered by an AC voltage 230V. The unit SA3-012M/ 120V is powered by AC voltage 120V AC.
• BUS is galvanically separated from the internal circuits of unit.
• LED on front panel signalizes state of each output.
• Contact status of each relay can be changed separately and manually by control buttons on a front panel.
• SA3-012M is normally supplied in the option AgSnO2 contact material.
• SA3-012M in design 6-MODULE is designed to be mounted into a switchboard, onto DIN rail EN60715.