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6 double beams Infrared Barrier, 15 meters range, Height 3 meters

Miniaturized beam tower specially designed and recommended for the protection of doors and windows thanks to the category leading long range. They can be used, if necessary with the adjustable brackets, to protect very large areas provided they are not directly exposed to the elements.
The beams employ cable synchronization and are housed in an anodized aluminium frame with a polycarbonate front.
Ease of installation and programming thanks to the automatic alignment, the beams also offer high immunity to sunlight and to false alarms in general. Each beam is made up of a dual optics which operate in AND, whilst it is possible to program the alarm output to function in OR, a single beam with adjustable response times or with a random AND operation where any 2 or more beams must be broken.
The two dual beams, situated on the CPU motherboard can be increased to a maximum of 10 using flat cables of various lengths depending on the tower height; standard or bespoke.

- Max range indoor: 30 m
- Max rang outdoor: 15 m
- Alignement technology: Standard
- Synchronism: wired
- Dual lenses beams: YES
- Photodevices: Pulsed 950nM beams
- Configurations in a barrier: 6 RX and 6 TX
- Beams Alignment: parallel
- Settable operation mode: OR - AND RANDOM
- Column supply: 13,8Vdc
- Circuit consuption: 60÷150 mA depending on n. of beams
- Alarm output: Free contact relay NC/NO
- Tamper swithches: opening coloumn
- Protection degree: IP54
- Dimensions LxPxH: 25 mm x 22 mm x 3000 mm
- Color: Black