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4 beam Infrared Barrier,10 meters, 3 m high, battery powered

- Multiplexed active infrared (LO = 950nm) range10m MAX
- Operating temperature -25°C÷ +65°C
- 4 beams
- Easy alignment thanks to SMA system and walk test.
- Optical synchronization.
- Mode OR (one interrupted double beam gives alarm) or AND (alarm given only if at least 2 double beams are interrupted)
- Supplied with Lithium battery 3,6Vdc
- Outputs: Alarm, Tamper, Supplying output.
- Power supply: 4 lithium batteries 3.6V 2.7Ah
- Tampered rotating brackets to simplify the alignment on distance greater than 5m.
- Anodized aluminium structure;
- Dimensions : L25mm—P22mm—h. 3000mm
- White colour available with reduced range.
- Intervention time 150 or 250 msec