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Electrothermal actuator, AC 230 V, NC, 2P, 1 m

Electrothermal actuators, stem opened in a deenergized state, with or without connection cable for:
* Radiator valves VDN.., VEN.., VUN..
* MCV MiniCombiValves VPD.., VPE..
* Small valves VD1..CLC..
* Zone valves V..I46..
* Combi valves VPP46.., VPI46..
* Valves of other manufacturers

Actuators without connecting cable can be equipped with:
* Connecting cable up to 15 m, halogen-free up to 10 m
* Connecting cable with LED operation indicator
* Connecting cable with auxiliary switch or DC 0…10 V module

Additional info:
* The given positioning time refers to the maximum stroke of 4.5 mm