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The TP-83N is a wireless programmable indoor thermostat with a weekly heating schedule. It can regulate the economical or comfort temperature inside residential buildings. The TP-83N is an updated version of the TP-83 thermostat.
It offers a few programmable modes. Every mode regulates pre-set temperatures (Comfort, Economy, Holiday, Party). The thermostat is able to measure the thermal inertia inside the premises and adjust the weekly schedule for the requested temperature to be reached at the pre-set time.

- Power supply: 2x AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries
- Battery lifetime : typically 1 year
- Regulation range: +6 to +40 °C
- Temperature regulation sensitivity: adjustable: 0.1- 1 °C
- Alarm when temperature drops below ALLo: -9 °C to +20 °C
- Alarm when temperature exceeds ALHi: +30 °C to +70 °C
- Communication band: 868.5 MHz, Oasis protocol
- RF range: up to 100 m (open area)
- Operational temperature: -10 °C to + 70 °C (no condensation)
- Dimensions: 66 x 90 x 22 mm
- Complies with: ETSI EN 300220, EN50130-4, EN55022, and EN 60950-1
- Can be operated according to ERC REC 70-03