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The UC-6014 is a 14-channel/output receiver for TP wireless thermostats/JA-60 wireless detectors/ RC-4x remote controls. LEDs indicate each output channel status. The UC-6014 has 14 channels only for thermostatic regulators. Due to maximum current load limits, pulse switching of the outputs is used. Therefore the UC-6014 should only be used with thermostatic regulators. It should not be used to control any relay semiconductor switches etc. When used with wireless thermostats, the UC-6014 can efficiently control multi-zone heating and cooling systems. Additionally, a power relay is used as a pump control (the relay is on if any output is triggered).

Power supply: 230 V AC, 50Hz, protection class II
Consumption: 0.02 A stand-by; 0.2 A max.
Max. relay output load: 10 A / 230V
Voltage of outputs 1-14 and COM: 24V DC
Max. load of outputs 1-14: max. 0.4 A per single output and 1.7A total for all outputs
Radio frequency: 433.9 MHz
Working range with JA-60 : 100 m (open area)
Working range with RC: 30 m (open area)
Dimensions: 258 x 214 x 77 mm
Radio characteristics: ETSI EN 300220
EMC: EN 50130-4, EN 55022
Safety: EN 60950
Working temperature: -10 to +40 °C
Can be operated according to: ERC REC 70-03