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XFP 32 Zone Repeater Panel (all protocols)

Can be used to repeat the functions of an XFP Main panel at remote parts of a site (e.g. all potential fire service entrances).
Offers all of the functions and controls of an XFP Main panel (access levels 1, 2 and 3).
Includes an on-board fault relay.
Requires its own dedicated Mains power and battery back-up supply.
A maximum of eight XFP Repeaters can be connected to one non-networked XFP Main panel.
Communication between the XFP Main panel and Repeater requires an AFP711 network driver card (fitted as standard in all XFP510-32s, available as an optional extra on Main XFP 32 Zone panels).
Repeater network is non-redundant and wired in 1.5 mm2 two-core screened fire resistant cable. Network length must not exceed 500 metres.