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Addressable input/output expander, two NO/NC inputs and two relay outputs, dedicated to work with PRxx1 and PRxx2 series controllers as well as with PRTxxEM and PRTxxMF series readers.

Technical Specification
Supply input: 10.0 ...16VDC
Current consumption: ~100mA (with both relays activated)
Inputs: Two NO/NC inputs, internally pull-up to supply plus via 5.6K resistor
Outputs: Two relay outputs, NO/NC dry contact, Form C 1.5A/24V DC/AC rated
Communication distance: 150m (between host device and XM-2 module)
Operating temperature: -25°C +60°C
Relative humidity: 10-95% (without condensation)
Dimensions: 81 X 59 mm
Weight: ~50g