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ZF403 is a RFID-based access control terminal. ZF403 has relay contacts for door lock, alarm, exit button and door sensor. Its Wiegand-in interface allows to connect externally attached slave readers, as well as, connection to third party Wiegand-out readers. The ZF403 can be managed by its keypad and LCD display, or through a PC using free management software. ZF403 communication ports include TCP/IP and RS232/485. Also has a USB-host port for offline data access and management.

- Touch casing design
- Easy installation,safe and reliable
- Simple and convenient operation method
- ID card standard mifare card optional
- Full door lock control system
- Wiegand out to connect with control panel
- Wiegand in to construct master and slave system
- Audio prompt and LED feedback guide the user to operate
- Stores 30000 cards and 50000 transactions
- Read Cards and or/PINs
- Built in Serial and Ethernet ports
- Multi Language Support
- Built in Bell scheduling
- Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid cards
- 4 x 4 metal keypad with 4 function keys
- SDK available for OEM customers and software developers.

- Capacity Templates: 30000
- Transactions: 50000
- Display: LCD4 X 16 Characters LCD Display
- Communication Port: RS 232(10M)/ RS 485(1.2km)
- Ethernet Port: 10/100
- Mini-USB Port: 2.0
- Verification/Identification: Matching1:N up to 30000 users
- Verification: <=1 second
- Identification: <=2 seconds
- Enrollment Time: <=5 seconds
- FRR: <=1%
- FAR: <=0.001%
- Environment
- Oper. Temp: 32°-105°F (0°-42°C)
- Oper. Humidity: 20%-80%
- Oper. Voltage: 12V DC
- Oper. Current: 400 mA
- Dimensions: (HxW.D) 9" (143 mm)x 6" (95 mm) x 2.5" (40 mm)